About Tremont Watches

Tremont watches were designed from the inside out.  Recognizing the intricacies of the mechanical movement and the beauty of the interaction of more than 120 parts, the Tremont line was assembled with a variety of styles to display this finely crafted mechanism at work.

Throughout our product line, the accent is on the movement.  Always visible through our exhibition case back, we have also added visibility through the top, either by cutouts in the dial or by showing the full movement, often referred to as a "skeleton."

The Tremont collection uses both automatic and hand winding movement, depending on the model and the function. The movements are finely finished making a handsome presentation whether viewing from the top or the back of the watch. The automatic watches are powered by the movement of your wrist, eliminating the need for batteries.

It is important that you register your new Tremont Watch within 30 days of purchase to activate your warranty.


This can be done online by clicking here or though our innovative Automated Voice Service by calling


Thereafter, should you require service within the warranty period, you can call us or send an email, for updated instructions.